(un)folding landscape and identity’ solo exhibition
Clunes Village Common, Walker Street Clunes NSW - 2005

The river is a geographical and temporal space that carries along its passage, inscriptions of memory, settlement and culture. With a canoe as mode of transport and viewing platform, the observer is taken through an intimate and intensified space. Digital photography and collected ephemera are my raw material. These have been synthesized through various strategies to produce an autobiographical portrait of place. Choosing the ‘frozen moment’ still image as opposed to digital video, reinforces the stillness, reverie and peace within the experience.

The long wave rolled strips of digital imagery on aluminium, follow the rivers passage from journey’s beginning to end. They highlight the experience of the paddle with its ephemera collections, observation of various habitations and personal memories threaded along a graphic river’s path. The viewpoint of the canoeist shifts with the action of the oars giving, in some cases, the sense of a 270º spherical vision. Their installation suggests the flow of the river and the passage of the canoe within the exhibition space.